The boring stuff first - I'm a wife to a marine, a mother to two young daughters, and a photographer from Los Angeles California rocking out in Okinawa Japan until 2021.

Why Boudoir?

I started photography without a singular clue as to what I wanted from it. I explored pretty much every genre from families + couples to births and promotion ceremonies.

I have loved and cherished each experience, but nothing lit my soul on fire the way that boudoir did.

Why? Because we live in a culture of physical expectations and perfection. We see super model skin everywhere, and it's a constant reminder to many of us that our bodies aren't exactly perfect. But you know what,

That's some bullshit.

Did you know that you're allowed to love yourself. Right now, in this moment, you are 100% allowed to love everything about yourself.

Don't think I'm tripping, I know how hard that is. But hear me out... what if we choose to just love ourselves, unconditionally.

Single? Let yourself feel sexy, sexual, and like a damn goddess for YOU!

Mom bod? Yeah I see you, That belly you feel insecure about made a precious human being. That's beautiful. You're beautiful.

That chick thinks their boobs are too small, and the girl beside her thinks they’re too big. You’re both hot, and I can prove it.

Allow yourself to love yourself - to love the imperfections.

This is the year. This is the time. This is the moment to change our mindset about ourselves and to celebrate your sexuality, our beauty, our curves, our imperfections.

So bringing it back - I love boudoir because it gives me the privilege of reminding women of their beauty and sexiness. So many gals come in feeling nervous and insecure and almost every single session is like a transformation. I get to watch them realize how beautiful and sexy they are. They leave me studio with a different aura - they leave with confidence. That’s why I love doing it - because I want to see women feel that way everyday, and through boudoir photography, I get to.

Let’s feel beautiful.